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Program Summary:  This program has been designed to encourage referrals by individuals not employed by Torden LLC.  Our goal is to attract the highest quality Pashto linguist candidates to our company!  To qualify, the referral must be submitted online, and the hired referred candidate must be employed by Torden and working on-site continuously for at least 90 days. 

Participant Eligibility:

  1. Any non-employee may refer candidates
  2. This is an ongoing program, but Torden may change the program at anytime.
  3. If a candidate is referred more than once, the first referring individual will receive the incentive.

Candidate Eligibility:

  1. Candidates must interview for, quality for, and accept an offer of full-time regular employment. These positions do not include seasonal hires, internships, part-time or temporary positions.
  2. Candidates may not be current Torden employees or previously employed by Torden.
  3. Candidates who have applied directly for employment with Torden during the past 6 months are not eligible.

How to Submit a Referral:

  1. Click on the Complete Online Referral Button above.  You will be redirected to the Non-Employee Referral Form.  Include all contact information for the candidate as well as your full name and E-mail.  We will use your E-mail to contact you regarding your referral.
  2. Torden will determine if your candidate meets the eligibility requirements.
  3. Once your submittal is approved, your candidate will receive an E-mail to continue the process with details on the next steps.  This E-mail will note your name as the referring friend.  This email will be followed by a telephone call from a Torden Recruiter.
  4. Once we are able to make successful contact with the candidate, we will notify you of receipt of the candidate’s application.


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